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Gift Basket

A family gift basket with all our products in a red or black woven raffia basket for everyone near and dear. This gift basket contains 2 Asakwa…

Marrakesh Giftbox

All that’s missing from this luxurious gift box is room service. The box contains everything you need for a self care routine including a face/body…

Cairo Giftbox

For that “more precious than gold” feeling, this gift box is great if you like to do it yourself. The box contains seven slather and…

Mombasa Giftbox

This rise and glow gift box includes face and body care as a quick fix to revive your glow. The box contains five glow essentials,…

Zanzibar Giftbox

This starter spa gift box includes small sizes for an intimate  spa day in the comfort of your own home. The box contains four spa…

Tamale Giftbox

Easy like Sunday morning.  This gift box is great for those with packed holiday schedules who still need to look good. The box contains a…