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Asakwa Body Wash With Aloe Vera

$15.02 $35.80
An ancient West African soap recipe, tested and trusted to treat many skin conditions and give an even toned glowing skin. This blend is handmade…

Bonolo Body Butter

$18.48 $55.44
Bonolo which means ‘soft’ in Swahili is designed for the little ones. It is a mild all natural body moisturizer made with raw unrefined Shea…

Ori Shea Body Butter

$12.71 $28.88
Ori, our handcrafted raw unrefined Shea butter is packed with multivitamins, and skin healing properties that improve skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles and stretch…

Safi Coconut Oil

$16.17 $30.03
Safi which means ‘pure’ in Swahili, is our cold pressed virgin coconut oil. It is an excellent hair and body moisturising oil packed with powerful…

Sha Face Oil

$24.25 $40.42
Sha face oil is a multipurpose hardworking oil that helps to heal and protect your skin. It is made from a blend of luxurious oils…

Sinmi Pink Himalayan Bath Soak

$24.25 $34.65
Pink Himalayan salt is enriched with over 80 minerals and trace elements and is considered to be the purest form of salt available. Infused with…